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Dance Company

Dream Dance Academy's dance company is a performance and competition based company that embraces all styles of dance. Classical technique and providing the highest level of training is our priority and we use this to build the foundation for our dancers. However, our choreography and performances will not strictly be classical ballet, they will encompass a large variety of music and dance styles like jazz, tap, modern, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, etc...


All companies perform in our studio recital(s). We are very proud of our Company dancers! They work very hard and most, if not all, of them are on their school’s honor roll.

Rules/ Regulations: Attendance Policy:
  • If a student is absent for more than 3 rehearsals per semester, they will NOT be allowed perform or travel with the company.

  • Each company member must purchase DDA Teamwear and Backpack when they first join. This is our team attire that is worn at all dance conventions and competitions.

  • All company members are required to attend ALL guest artists’ workshops at the studio.

  • Each company member is responsible for the cost of his/her costumes needed for performances.


Big/Little Program

The “Big Little” program is designed to benefit Dream Dance Academy’s Company members. Our “Big's'” will have a chance to acquire leadership skills while making a difference in our “Little's” lives.  We want our dancers to have the best experience possible with dance. They will be able to trust and depend on each other for support and build bonds that could last a lifetime. Big/Little is not always based on age/size. It is also based on years of experience as a DDA Company dancer.

Here are some of the things our “Big's/Little's” will be doing:

  • Help each other with dances

  • Holiday treat bags and/or gifts

  • Be a Role Model

  • Your partner at conventions and competitions

  • Make sure they are okay at performances and recitals

  • Help with costume changes and staying organized

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