Policies & Tuition

Dance class is educational and fun, however, an important part of class work is developing an attitude of discipline and respect for teachers and fellow dancers. We trust that following our classroom etiquette will provide an environment whereby classes at Dream Dance Academy will be a pleasure for all concerned. 

After your enrollment you will receive information about participation in our annual recital, tentatively scheduled the first weekend in June. 


We request that you arrive at the studio with adequate time to prepare for class, parking, changing, restroom, etc. Parents, for your children’s safety, please be available in the waiting room to receive students when dismissed from class. Please call whenever delayed for class start time or pickup.


Every family enrolled will receive an email from dreamdanceacad@gmail.com. If not, please check your spam or email us at dreamdanceacad@gmail.com as soon as possible. Email is the most efficient way to get updates out to the entire studio and we need everyone on board. 


Please note that the lobby area is made available for the convenience of our dancers and their families. The lobby area is for waiting, reading, snacking, conversation, homework, and children playing with toys or games. We ask that you please respect the activities of others and the classes in session. If you use our books, toys, coloring area or homework area, we would appreciate it if you would return all items to the shelves when done. Your courtesy will be greatly appreciated. 


We welcome your comments and suggestions. If any parent/student wishes a private conference concerning your individual dance goals or financial concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to work with you to ensure that your dance year will be one of pleasure and growth. The entire faculty and staff wish you a fantastic year of dance!

Please note the following guidelines regarding all classes:
  • We request that students carefully observe our dress code.

  • Hair must be pulled back for all classes and in a bun for required ballet classes.

  • Any student arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted to class. For your safety and to receive full benefit from your class, please arrange for a make-up class if you expect to be very late.

  • All students are encouraged not to leave the room once class has begun. Please allow for appropriate restroom use prior to class. Very young children will be treated sensitively as the need arises. Preschool children may need a parent’s attention from time to time for various reasons including bathroom or behavior issues. Please do not leave the waiting room when very young children are in class without informing the office or having another parent responsible during your absence. We make every effort to have all children feel safe and cared for in a loving and inspiring learning environment.

  • School age children and teens: please practice respect. Students are not to be socializing in a disruptive manner during the class with other students. Please come early or stay late to enjoy friends in the waiting area. Please honor your teacher and fellow students by giving full attention and co-operation. You will be advised if we feel any student is not well adjusted to the classroom environment for any reason over time.

  • During class, if a student complains of being ill, or sustains an injury and cannot participate, the instructor will send them out of class where the parents will be notified.

  • Only students with a pre-existing sickness/injury are allowed to observe class. The parents must notify the instructor if a student is to observe class.

  • Absolutely NO cell phones in class.

  • No gum chewing allowed in class.


2019 - 2020 Payment Policies and Tuition

The annual season is mid August through end of May.  A summer session will be available June – July.  We do not accept students for less than a full semester.  A commitment of less time does not give the student enough exposure to dance for any real learning or understanding to take place.  To insure individualized attention, classes are limited in size.  Upon registration for class(s), you are responsible for the full semester fees regardless of attendance.  No reduction of these fees will be given.  By the second week of classes, each student will receive a year packet with all dates and costume/recital fee information.  Because of this, costume fees will be able to be paid in installments. Costume fees are non-refundable. All tuition for the entire season must be paid in full to receive costume. 


Classes will begin Monday, August 19, and the season will continue through the end of May.  You will have a choice of three payment options – annual, biannual, or monthly installments.  Annual and Biannual payments may be made in the form of cash, check, debit card, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  Monthly installments will be made automatically by your choice of checking or savings account or charged to your Visa/MasterCard/Discover debit or credit card.  We offer a 5% discount for annual and biannual payments.  Installment payments will be charged on the 15th day of each month unless otherwise set up. They will consist of 9 payments for the year (August – April OR September - May).  Statements are issued for delinquent accounts only.  Accounts with funds not available on the due date will be assessed a $10.00 fee for each month in which a balance remains.  If an account is delinquent by two months, the student may not attend classes until the account is made current.  Full payment is required regardless of a student’s suspension from attending class.


Registration Fees:

  • $15 / family - new student

  • $10 / family - returning student


Returned Check Fee:

  • A $35 fee will be assessed for checks returned for insufficient funds.


Monthly Installment Rates (Due the 1st of each month):

  • Movement class (Also Broadway Babes, Tiny Hop, Two-Tu Cute, Tumbling) $43 / month

  • Ballet/Tap  class (Also Pre/Ballet Jazz, Jr Tap) $45 / month

Multiple Classes (per family):

  • 1 class - $50 / month

  • 2 classes - $85 / month

  • 3 classes - $105 / month

  • 4 classes - $125 / month

  • Each Add’l class - $20 per class


Annual Rates / Biannual Rates (Reflects a 5% discount):

  • Movement class (Also Broadway Babes, Tiny Hop, Two-Tu Cute, Tumbling) - $367.85/ $183.83

  • Ballet/Tap  class (Also Pre/Ballet Jazz, Jr Tap) - $384.75/ $192.38

Multiple Classes (per family):

  • 1 class - $427.50/ $213.75

  • 2 classes - $726.75/ $363.38

  • 3 classes - $897.75/ $448.88

  • 4 classes - $1,068.75/ $534.38

  • Each Add’l - $171.00/ $85.50

Dance Company (by audition only)

Competitive Dance Company

  • $165.00 / month

  • $1410.75 / annual

  • $705.38 / biannual


Performing Dance Company: Minis and Performing Dance Companies

  • $125.00 / month

  • $1068.75 / annual

  • $534.38 / biannual