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Five Things Every Parent Should Know

If you are new to dance, you may wonder, “Aren’t all dance schools pretty much the same?” Does it really matter where you enroll? The answer is a resounding “YES!” There are five main reasons that can make a huge difference in the quality of instruction that your child receives and in the quality of the service that parents can expect.


1. What is the focus of the school?

The school should be one where everyone is welcome and not cater to an “elite” clientele. The school should value the education of all students, not just those who are on a pre-professional track nor should it focus too greatly on competitions or mandatory performances. Performance opportunities should be available to students, but not the main focus of the classes.  A school that offers classes for all ages and provides a nurturing environment is a school where students of varying levels all feel comfortable and have their needs met.
Our school provides a fun and nurturing environment for students of all ages while providing the highest quality of dance education. We recognize dance will not be a career choice for most students, but still an important element in development and self-esteem. Many individuals who studied dance growing up later recognize the important role of dance in their well-rounded education. While qualified teachers will be added to our faculty over time, the main instructors will remain and work to keep the studio at the highest standards.


2. What qualifications should teachers have?

It is important that teachers have educational experience in addition to their own dance training. The field of dance education is constantly evolving; therefore, it is important that dance teachers participate regularly in continuing education. They should be well versed in their field and in teaching methods. Performance experience is important, but secondary to their ability to educate others.


3. Can I get adequate assistance and customer service?

In many studios, it can be hard to get good customer service. Teachers who don’t make time to get to know parents, help fit dance attire and shoes properly, or answer questions are not providing the service the customer really needs. It is important to choose a studio that has a staff that assists you.


At our school we take the time to assist you with whatever you need, whether it be questions answered or help with fittings. If e-mail is more convenient for you, you may reach our staff at  Also, feel free to contact us directly at 803-649-4420.


4. I don’t know anything about dance, how will I know how my child is doing?

Providing information to parents is an important factor in having a positive dance experience. Parents should be provided with information that will help them to understand the educational experience of their child. Parental involvement should be welcomed and convenient. 

Our school provides progress reports to parents bi-annually. Parents have the opportunity to meet teachers at the initial class and experience the learning process. Teachers gladly discuss any questions or concerns and can be contacted at the studio or via e-mail. Written information is provided to parents through periodic newsletters and notices about opportunities available to our students. Our website is also a convenient source of information.


5. Is the staff willing to take those “extra little steps” to make your experience the best it can be?

Beyond the knowledge of the elements, you want your child to find the enjoyment in dance. Part of the enjoyment comes from having those elements taught in a way that excites and inspires a student. A school should have a curriculum that provides a progressive education while motivating the students with opportunities to express their creativity and imagination.


The curriculum for our preschool and early elementary age classes utilizes various themes to provide children with a fun-filled way to explore the world of dance. As they continue to progress through the season, you will see them dance in our circus, transform into princesses and knights as they enjoy our fairy tale theme and explore the movements of animals in our own little jungle. Each theme reinforces the elements they are learning while including activities to expand their imagination and build their self-confidence.

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